easyCover camera case for Nikon Z6 / Z7

easyCover camera case for Nikon Z6 / Z7

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easyCover camera case for Nikon Z6 / Z7
Available in black, yellow and camouflage
The easyCover camera case protects your camera while it is fully functional. It protects against bumps, scratches, sand and dust. Whether hiking, fishing or just enjoying a calm afternoon outdoors, your camera is secure.

  • Mark March 28, 2020. 04:01 PM.

    5/5 stars. The cover fits snuggly on my Nikon Z6 and was reasonably easy to install given the snug fit. I agree with the other comments that some sort of making on the cover to line up where the lens mounts would have been useful. Read the full review here.

  • Paul March 15, 2020. 09:03 AM.

    5/5 stars. Fits the Z6 very well. Good amount of grip and protection. The buttons take some getting used to, but I have not found them getting in the way of my shooting. The finish of the grips of the Z6 are wearing out after 1 year of use, this helps protect that and gives a good finish to hold on to. No problems with the FTZ or native lenses. Read the full review here.

  • Glen September 13, 2019. 07:05 PM.

    5/5 stars. The easyCover silicone cover for the Nikon Z6 and Z7 fits well and offers additional protection for the camera. The cover is easy to install over the camera body and permits functioning of all controls. Read the full review here.

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