easyCover camera case for Canon 5D Mark II

easyCover camera case for Canon 5D Mark II

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easyCover camera case for Canon 5D Mark II
Available in black and camouflage

The easyCover camera case protects your camera while it is fully functional. It protects against bumps, scratches, sand and dust. Whether hiking, fishing or just enjoying a calm afternoon outdoors, your camera is secure.

  • Shepards New York April 11, 2020. 04:01 PM.

    5/5 stars. If your looking to get a cover for your 5d mark ii Canon you don't have to look anymore this is it. I bought mine a couple of weeks ago and took it on a quick run through the city (NYC) and this thing hasn't stretched or got out of shape on me. On a scale of 1-10 I would personally rate it a strong 8 especially because it haves my camera from looking even worst then it already did from traveling all over the place without some kind of protection. Check the full review here.

  • Perry November 30, 2020. 06:01 PM.

    4/5 stars. I love this cam skin. I put it on my Canon 5D Mark II with a plastic LCD monitor shield (rear) in 2011 and almost never remove it. It's thick enough to minimize potential damage from accidentally bumping camera, plus it helps keep it clean, reduces possible water contact from snow, unexpected rain, drizzle or clowns with squirt guns at events and may help protect the camera from hot sun and cold. It also protects the hot shoe with a movable flap. But it needs to be improved. I had to use a razor blade to cut the tight lens hole slightly bigger. A narrow portion of the skin bridging the rear and right side of the camera is only 5 cm wide and eventually broke but the cover is still usable. Dials, remote control sensor and built in mic are not obstructed. But labels for all camera buttons including those just behind and forward of the LCD panel (top) are covered by the skin. It has the labels embossed into the rubber but they are impossible to read without a magnifying glass. It might be good for user to use a white paint marker to make the embossed labels readable. Despite minor trade-offs, this camera skin is a must-have camera protector for field trips, travel and walking in urban environments. Check the full review here.

  • Hawraa May 01, 2017. 06:24 PM.

    5/5 stars. I've been looking for something that isn't horribly expensive to protect my mark II, I've been so anxious pulling the camera out worrying it'll scratch or something and this solved the problem! It does the job and it's perfect. It didn't a little extra body on one side but that's the price you if you want the protection for such an expensive body.

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