BrownDogWilson Testimonial

BrownDogWilson Testimonial

Several years back I saw something about easyCover online and it immediately caught my interest. 

I have been a professional photographer for over 15 years, and Supercross/Motocross is my primary field of work. As you can imagine, dirt bikes create probably the worst conditions our gear can be in. It can be hot, windy, and dusty, or pouring rain, not to mention the mud flying everywhere. Weather is not something that gives us a day off, we shoot in all conditions. But easyCover has allowed me to not be too stressed about the elements ruining my gear. 

I’m not a big fan of those plastic bag types of protection. Nothing is 100%, but I have yet to destroy any of my gear due to weather conditions. Just last week I slipped and fell flat on my back in the mud, and I was covered head to toe, but my camera bodies barely got touched at all. You may have seen the photo of me on easyCover’s page.  

I also spend half of my year shooting in stadiums across the country, and my hanging cameras bounce off seats or other things more then I would like, so that little extra protection doesn’t hurt.  

One other thing that I like is the way the easyCover feels in my hands. It is softer and offers more grip than a stock body does. And who can say anything bad about the color options!  I’ve been known as ‘red guy’ the whole time!

Thanks for everything,

Chris Ganz

AKA BrownDogWilson

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